Just Listen

This blog is for my personal work with the Deities that come in and out of my life. Some stay permanently, some come and go. The ones that have become a permanent part of my life will remain on this front page, so that they are honored. Others that come in and out of my life will be featured on the posts tagged as Visitors.

In a way, all Deities coming and going have a lesson to teach, things that we need to learn. It’s just learning to Listen to them when they speak.

Panel 1

Thor, The Mighty


It is recent, as of June 19, 2016, in which I have become Oathbound and Devoted to Thor. Being with Him for 4 years before this has been an interesting one. Thor first came to me when I was starting out heavy spirit work. I was reopening and my ex girlfriend introduced me in order to play what we call ‘The Game’. Thor was one of the ones that she sent to me so that I could sense out and see what information I could gleam. When He showed up, it was instant connection, instant attraction. Being devoted to Him is more than just worship or being loyal. I am faithful, I am His. I am the person that will be there with Him, and He will always be there for me.

Whether people accept it or not, is not the matter. It is about what I am, what I believe. It is about the devotion that Thor gives in return to me. It’s not mentor or mentee. It’s husband and wife. It is as equals. It will always be as equals.

Panel 2

Sedna, The Deep

Sedna first came to me while I was in college. I was struggling with being open, with understanding where I was going in my life. I was a follower of something but I never found that niche where it felt right.

The first time that I met Sedna, I physically saw her with my eyes. She manifested while a friend was giving a blessing over a bracelet, I could see her visage over top of his person. As if I was looking at a mirage. Even years later, the memory is still so vivid in my mind.

She was elegant and bold. She held grace and intimidation. Sedna was a woman with long fingers and wild black hair. Skin alabaster as fresh snow, she was something to behold.

It was told to me about the woman who was Sedna, whose sacrifice was given to the Ocean and became the food for the Inuit. She was a woman of strength and someone to admire.

Sedna became my Mother. She became the one that asked for the best, and only the best. She was the one that didn’t coddle and pushed and pushed, but she did it because she loves me. I respect and love her as a Mother.

Panel 3

Kurai’iana, Hand that Heals


Lady of the Nectar
Womb of the Sow
Bearer of the Kïlranï Plant
Lady who Accepts the Nectar
Hand of the Ground
One Adorned with Chains
Hand that Heals

The Overseer of the People, the Kolemeia. She is of the Earth and Ground, bringing prosperity to the People. She is the one who blesses, who walks upon with Grace. Welcoming Her into the life brings about prosperity and gentleness. She Heals and she Blesses, but she is of the Ground and of the Sow. She will bring about new opprotunties if one were to ask.

Just as the Ground is Fertile for the Sow, so is She. She is sensual and welcoming, allowing for that confidence of the Self.

I went to the Kolemeia, a astral being/culture that came to me for help while traveling. When I needed Healing and help the most, they allowed me into their culture to experience their Leanel, or Spring Harvest. It not only helped to sooth me and to connect me with the Earth, but it connected me with this Goddess. She oversees them and loves them. I work with her in a different capacity from the others, but I do not let that stop me from feeling those familial ties to Her.

Panel 4

Bastet, Right Hand of Ra

Bastet has been with me the longest, though she arrived around the same week as Sedna did (Fall 2012). But this is about the Mother I love.

Bastet is not just the Goddess of Cats and Warfare, she is a Mother and She is a Warrior. She is the one that tears out the hearts of Ra’s enemies. She watches over her charges, just as a mother cat watches her children with love, but fierce protector from predators.

Bastet has been one of the constants in my life the years that I have worked with her. I honor Her in any way that I know, but she is also the silent love. She is the one to hold me when I need it, but she isn’t the vocal sort. The best support can come from those who remain in the background, and that is precisely what she does. I am Her Daughter, I am a Daughter of Bastet. I look forward to always having a solid Mother, a fierce protector.